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G.Klaubauf - Der Schraubenprofi


Iron bolts
Chipboard screws
Hexagon domed cap nuts
Hexagon full nuts
Hexagon head bolts/screws
Hexagon socket countersunk head screws
Hexagon socket head cap screws
Hexagon socket head screws
Hexagon socket set screws
Lifting eye bolts, forged
Lifting eye nuts, forged
Long hexagon nuts
Mushroom head square neck bolts
Prevailing torque type hexagon nuts with non
Screws with fine thread
Slotted cheese head screws
Slotted countersunk head screws
Spring lock washers
Square taper washers for I and U sections
Tapping screws
Threaded rods
Toothed lock washers
UNC/UNF screws
Washers, especially for wood constructions
Wing nuts
Wing screws
Wood screws